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women's programs


Our women's program consists of helping women to rebuild their lives by providing a life skills development series designed to assist them in their healing journey and help them to move forward with confidence. This 12-week series has been set up to provide direction for the women who are rebuilding their lives from trauma, abuse, sexual exploitation, depression, attempted suicide, jail or homelessness, and who are looking for results!

There is NO riding the teachers in any of these programs. We must allow the horse to be able to speak through his body to help the women to make changes. Our “teacher-horses” will provide “loud teachable moments,” that the participants will never forget. By working with their teachers, women will build strong, solid skills that they can draw upon when they are faced with choices in everyday life. Our 12-week program series, builds on one particular skill each week and then continues building on those skills as the participants move to the next week.

"This was awesome! I started my new journey on my path to bigger and better. I am so thankful for this opportunity!"

Chris Kleysen


By interacting with our horses, our clients will learn how to take empowered action, try new behaviours and connect with their passionate selves. Horses respond to our authentic selves. As horses live in the moment, they are always honest and they cannot judge! This is why they are the best teachers! They work hard to push us to a new level where we can feel confident and competent in ourselves and in our abilities.


Horses don't care about our clothes, our weight, our spiritual, our political beliefs, or where we’ve come from. They just care about helping us to be the best version of US that we can be.
This is not ‘just-another classroom’. A unique memory is created that causes the attendee to remember the training far longer. Each woman will gain empowerment through group exercises that focus on individual qualities and at the same time, they will have some extreme fun and life changing moments. All skills learned in the arena are paralleled back to their everyday lives, ensuring that the learned skills are transferred to how they deal with people, choices and the world around them. 

"An amazing journey of listening, communication,trusting, and a lot of laughter! Loved being here and feeling the confidence to do more! Thank you for the opportunity!"

Gwen Schneider


One of the many bonuses of working with horses as opposed to a classroom setting is the component of interactivity. Although we learn in different ways, we all take away lessons that we learn through our experiences. Every learning style; visual, auditory and kinesthetic, has been taken into account in the development of this course, so that all clients are learning in the best way possible for THEM. Incorporating the 7 teachings to achieve this connection makes the experience one of a kind.


  • Internal dialogue needs to match external actions; 

  • Force does not equate to movement; 

  • Looking back stops movement forward;

  • How to develop healthy relationships;

  • How to accept responsibility and accountability;

  • How to overcome barriers to find change;

  • It takes courage to make the changes the horse is telling them;

  • How to find opportunity in working together;

  • ​How to develop their decision making skills;

  • How to develop patience to take it one step at a time;

  • The importance of communicating their vision with direction;

  • How to realize the benefits associated with effective communication;

  • The value of mutual trust, respect, and personal integrity... All while having a blast!

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