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When I went to Joyce's farm I had a great time with all of the horses.  I had a chance to choose any horse I wanted and I chose "Legs".  I chose Legs because Joyce told me she was very calm during ground work.  I also chose her because I liked the look of her, she is pretty.  Legs was very helpful and calm.  Joyce taught me many tips and tricks.  She taught me how to steer Legs while he was walking around the yard.  We had a bunch of challenges like weaving through pylons.  These activities were alot of fun and challenging but we managed.  We lunged Legs but the ground was hard so we went easy on her.  When I was all done I felt great!  Joyce told me horses can feel how you feel and can even hear your heart beat!  I also learned horses have their own personality.  I had an amazing time at Joyce's with Legs.  I am looking forward to more visits with Legs.


Thank you Joyce!

- NOAH (AGE 12)

"Today was really great. I’m glad I came because I was having a really awful day in the beginning of the morning and I just wanted to stay home but hanging out with the horses always puts me in a good mood because one of them remind me of my best friend (the person) who has helped cheer me up through all my hard times. I really love coming here because it makes me remember that life is good no matter what."

- TAE (AGE 8)

"The Equine Assisted Learning experience was a great program for our kids. The students were eager to participate and share their experiences with others. Teachers have noticed and commented on these students being more assertive, communicating their needs better and they seem more resilient when confronted by problems or obstacles. Parents have also provided positive feedback saying they have noticed a change in their children even in such a short time."




"What an inspiring day! I know the lessons I learned today will stay with me. Congratulations and kudos to you all for the work, love, and sharing you put into this tremendous day!"


"This was awesome! I started my new journey on my path to bigger and better. I am so thankful for this opportunity!"


"What a wonderful day! Learnt so much about myself. Very empowering! Love you guys!"




My Dad mentioned horseback riding lessons to me and I was lucky enough to have met Joyce and her horses.  Joyce let me pick which horse I would like to ride.  I chose "Goofy" out of all of her horses.  I liked Goofy's name and his light colour.  I hadn't spent much time around horses before but Goofy was easy to work with.  I found him very easy to connect with.  We spent some time on ground work and doing things like lunging.  This allowed Goofy to warm-up.  Then it was time....  I was finally going to ride him!  I was nervous at first but once Joyce talked me through it and it got easier.  We rode around the corral and I worked on directing Goofy.  I really enjoyed being outside with the horses and learning all about them.  I found it very relaxing and exhilarating all at the same time.


I get really excited every time I know we are headed to Joyce's.  Each time I visit I seem to get more and more comfortable with Goofy.


I can't wait to go back and spend some more time with Joyce and Goofy.

- PAIGE (AGE 13)

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